Four-year-old boy living with grandmother abducted

A four-year-old boy has been abducted by a person who came in a van in front of the residence where the boy lives in Gemunu Mawatha, Orugodawatta, Minuwangoda on Thursday (27).

The boy was under the guardianship of his grandmother and with his uncle as both of his parents live abroad and are separated. His father works in Japan and the mother works in Dubai.

The boy’s grandmother told the Police that she suspected the mother of the child to be involved in the abduction and may have taken him to Dubai.

Accordingly, the Police had reported facts to the Minuwangoda Magistrate yesterday and the Magistrate ordered the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration to submit a report to the Court with the details relating to the foreign travel of the woman and the child. Minuwangoda Police are investigating.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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