James Corden Reveals Just How Infrequently He Washes His Hair

While Los Angelos have been asked to cut down the amount of time they spend in the shower, that request clearly won’t be a problem for late night host James Corden.

On a recent episode of his show, Corden read a report saying some SoCal residents have been advised to reduce their shower time by four minutes to help preserve water. That request, however, garnered shock from Corden — who barely spends that much time bathing as it is.

“How long are people spending in the shower?” he exclaimed, as band leader Reggie Watts said the average was around 10 minutes.

“Stop, no, you’re joking me! What?!” Corden continued. “If that’s the average, that means there’s people who are in there for 20 minutes. I’m in and out in a solid three or four.”

As Corden’s staff all chimed in on how long — or little, as it were — they spent in the shower, he then revealed why his routine is so short. “I use soap, I don’t wash my hair. I wash it about every two months, it’s a true story,” he said.

“Nah, that’s not cool, you guys are dirty,” his female producer told them, before Corden responded, “I don’t think we are nasty.”

He ended the discussion and responded to criticism by joking, “We’re trying to protect the planet … there is no Planet B!”

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