‘Sri Lankans donated eyes to Pakistanis, but we lost sight,’ rues doctor

A leading opthalmologist in Pakistan has expressed sadness at lynching of Sri Lankan national in Sialkot. Dr Niaz Brohi, the ophthalmologist, drew attention to the fact that 40 percent of corneas used in Pakistan for eye transplant come from Sri Lanka and are donated by Sri Lankan citizens.

“We hang our heads in shame,” he has been quoted as saying by SAMAA digital. He told the news platform that Pakistan was the largest recipient of corneas from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan national Priyantha Kumara Diyawadana was lynched to death by a mob of hundreds on December 3 in Pakistan’s Sialkot. The frenzied mob attacked Priyantha on suspicions that he had committed blasphemy. Priyantha, a manager of a factory was attacked, tortured and his body was burnt. As per media reports on post-mortem, all bones in his body were broken and the body was 99 percent burnt.

Diyawadana’s body was transferred to Lahore after the autopsy, according to a Punjab Police spokeswoman, where it was handed over to the Sri Lankan embassy. Dr Brohi, is a member of Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society from Pakistan. Samaa digital said that the society had donated 35,000 eye corneas to Pakistan. “Sri Lankan donated our eyes, but we have lost sight,” Dr Brohi told the news platform. (WION)

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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