Hirunika deplores use of her father’s murder for political gain

UNP MP Hirunika Premachandra denounced SLFP district organiser Prasanna Solanagarachchi engaging in petty politics favouring SLPP presidential candidate Gotabhaya Rajapakse using the murder of her father Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra.

“We as a family undergo hardship as we lost our further. It is distressing how Solanagarachchi utilises my father’s name to climb his political ladder supporting the commander of my father’s murder,” she said, at a press briefing at the NDF election campaign office at Vauxhall Street yesterday.

She also appreciated NDF Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa’s statement on the Judiciary. “Sajith Premadasa said that he will not go behind abductors and murderers, but he will make the Police and the Judiciary function independently. He explained his vision on drug eradication with the support of Field Marshal Sarath Fonseska.”

Furthermore, she said, the present government was unable to give publicity to the services rendered and that made a negative impact on citizens “We worked but we could not publicise our achievements. Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe said the service rendered by the Education Minister and the Health Minister is enough for us to show how capable we were.”

Premachandra also commented on sanitary napkins that has become a ‘hot potato’ these days. “When it comes to numbers only, 30 percent of women in the country are aware of or use sanitary napkins and 70 percent are unaware of or cannot afford sanitary napkins. This is a national issue. When a girl reaches puberty, we celebrate it at a high cost, yet Minister Sajith Premadasa addressing a pressing matter in this regard has caused a stir in society. This clearly manifests the self-delusion within our communities,” she said.

She also highlighted the fact that many women undergo cervical cancers due to poor health hygiene and sanitary napkins have a major role to play in this disease.

“Moreover, considering sensitive facts like Sajith Premadasa being unable to be a parent, I admit that he will not have to get on stage like Mahinda Rajapaksa in his ’70s to ensure a future for his children. Mahinda Rajapaksa is still holding on with many difficulties; it is high time for him to resign. Sajith Premadasa will render his service to the country and retire when needed,” Premachandra said.

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