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New Democratic Front (NDF) candidate Sajith Premadasa said he is not campaigning to create disunity, but the Opposition candidate campaigns to do so.

He was speaking at a public rally in Kalmunai on Saturday under the auspicies of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress leader and Minister Rauff Hakeem, led by former State Minister and Deputy leader of SLMC H.M.M. Harees, MP.

Presidential candidate Premadasa said the founder of the SLMC late M.H.M. Ashraff was born in Kalmunai. “Ashraff was a close friend of my father Ranasinghe Premadasa. Ashraff stood by my father like a pillar when my father faced challenges in politics. I too have a close friendship with the SLMC,” he said.

“The Kalmunai playground will be upgraded. We will construct a new building complex in Kalmunai for businessmen. Sainthamarthu, Kalmunai, Maruthamunai, Natpattimunai and Pandiruppu divisions will be developed after November 16,” said Premadasa.

“We will build a new road from Medduvaddai to Mavadippalli. My development plans will be implemented with the support of this area people’s representative Parliamentarian H.M.M. Harees,” the New Democratic Front Presidential candidate said.

“The Opposition attacked mosques and properties in Beruwala and Aluthgama then. Now they want to give an Urban Council to Kalmunai,” said Premadasa. “If I win this election with the support of Muslims in Kalmunai, I will come to Kalmunai and give solutions for all the issues. I will not appoint any committee for Kalmunai issues.”

The education sector will be developed throughout this country and my regime will provide two uniforms, a pair of shoes and a midday meal for all 4,400,000 students in all parts of this country, he said.

Self-employment opportunities will be created to uplift the lives of families headed by women. Fertilizer for tea, coconut, rubber and paddy cultivation will be provided free. We will set up industrial zones and technical colleges in every divisional secretariat to create jobs for the youth.

Courses in computer literacy, English language and Information Technology will be taught at the technical colleges. Each DS division will get a digital centre, technical college, and industrial zone, Premadasa said.

“There are 19,000 Montessori schools in this country. Montessori education will be brought under the purview of the Ministry of Education. Montessori schools’ infrastructure facilities will be developed and the children will be provided a meal, the NDF Presidential candidate said.

Ministers, State Ministers, Parliamentarians, ex-Governors and provincial councillors and members of local bodies were also present at the rally.

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