Retired SLAF officer barred from Air Force camps due to his active political stance - State Minister

Air Vice Marshal (Retired) Sampath Thuiyakontha who served in the Sri Lanka Air Force, has been barred from entering any Air Force premises as he has expressed various opinions in a public meeting organized by a political party in a way that incited the members of the security forces who are currently in active service, State Defence Minister Pramitha Bandara Tennakoon told Parliament yesterday.

State Minister also emphasized that the decision to suspend the existing privilege of the concerned retired officer to enter any Air Force base is a decision taken to protect state security and the country’s Constitution. This decision was taken by an internal inquiry board of the Air Force. The Minister also said that the Air Force is not obliged to see clarifications or explanations from this officer in this regard.

He said that preventing the inciting of people who are actively engaged in activities providing security to the state and the lives and property of the state leaders was another factor for the suspension of this retired officer from entering any camp or institution.

The statements made by this retired senior officer, who is in a position to have a strong influence on the active duty members can even make influences active duty members to join the personal political ideologies of this officer. It is a violation of the Constitution by anti-state and creates conspiracy against the government among the active duty people.

State Minister stated that the armed forces should never be involved in politics and said that a large number of retired military officers are currently engaged in political activities. He also said that such officials are requested to engage in their political activities responsibly.

He said this while replying to a question raised by NPP MP. Anura Kumara Dissanayake under Standing Order 27/2 regarding several retired Air Force officers.

Speaking further, the State Minister said that it is the government’s responsibility to work for the country’s security and state security.



by Daily News Sri Lanka

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