No bar to kiss at Peradeniya - VC

Peradeniya University is a place filled with love, and there is no prohibition for kissing at the university premises, Peradeniya University Vice Chancellor Prof. M. D. Lamawansa and Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Terrence Madujith said. 

They made the above comment during a meeting at the University’s Sanathana Mandiraya.

Their comments were in the wake of media and social media criticisms directed at the University that its administration has obstructed any space for love based on a recent incident involving a couple, who are undergraduates of the University.

The Vice-Chancellor said that he accepts the rights and freedom of university students, numbering to about 13,000, in the beautiful University premises extending to about 1,700 acres. “My aim is student development and not student oppression. University students are under severe pressure these days due to the economic crisis and protests in the post-pandemic period. Therefore we have given space for their mental wellbeing,” he added.

“There is no prohibition for kissing at the University premises, however, trying to surpass conventional barriers may lead to problems.Parents of the students, schoolchildren and teachers often come to the University. The administrators have to look at it from all angles,” he said.

He pointed out that the dignity of the University, which is among the best 1,000 universities in the world, has to be maintained. He, however, said that the University has decided to increase its involvement for the mental welfare and educational and economic problems of the students.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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