Mahesh Bhatt opens up about how Shaheen changed him, WATCH

New Delhi: Mahesh Bhatt, an Indian film producer and filmmaker, has endured a lot. While many people won’t be able to comprehend his style of thinking and living, many people adore it. Few people are aware that he went through a period in his life where he began to develop an alcoholic personality. But, after having his first kid with Soni Razdaan, he decided to give up his job.

How Shaheen changed Mahesh Bhatt? 

Arbaaz Khan recently spoke with Mahesh Bhatt for his programme, ‘ The Invincibles Series with Arbaaz Khan.’ In one of the episodes, Arbaaz talked about Mahesh’s struggle with alcoholism. The director recalled an occasion when he became so inebriated that he passed the night on a sidewalk. He admitted that it happened during the period when he was cohabitating with Soni, his second wife.

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He also disclosed during the conversation that he was developing an alcohol problem. And then a miracle occurred when Shaheen, the first daughter of his second wife Soni, was born. She shrugged away because of the odour of alcohol at the time he was holding his infant child in his arm.


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Mahesh had to stop his habit as a result of the rejection. He said, ” I remember walking up to my house, I was living with Soni. She said. ‘What happened to you?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, I’ve become an alcoholic’.’ And then a miracle happened. My first baby was born with Soni, Shaheen. When I came to the hospital, I was holding Shaheen in my arms and I went to kiss her, I got this feeling as if she moved away. She couldn’t bear the fumes of alcohol. She couldn’t have done, she was a baby, but this is what I hallucinated and projected. That did it.”

Mahesh said that he has not consumed any alcohol since that day. The filmmaker has four children, for those who don’t know. He previously wed Lorrain Bright (Kiran Bhatt), with whom he had two children, Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt.

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