Apple Peel Chutney: Don’t waste peels of apple, make this yummy dish instead

Apple Peel Chutney: Apple is such a fruit in which many types of nutrients are found. It can also be called super fruit. Often people eat apples after peeling them, and consider their peels as waste and throw them in the garbage. But today we are going to tell you the method of making tasty and healthy chutney from apple peels. After knowing which you will definitely think once before throwing them.

Often people peel the apple while eating it. But do you know that many types of nutrients are found in its peel. That’s why try to eat without peeling. Just keep in mind that you wash the apple well before eating it. If you want to eat only after peeling, then make good use of its peel and make tasty chutney out of it. It is very tasty to eat and also very easy to make. Let’s know the recipe for making apple peel chutney.

Apple Peel Chutney: Ingredients

Apple peels – 1 cup
Garlic cloves – 3-4
Green chili – 2
Tomato chopped – 1
Lemon – 1
Oil – 1 tbsp
Ginger – 1 inch piece
salt – as per taste


To make apple peel chutney, wash most apple peels thoroughly.
After this, put the apple peels in a strainer and keep it for some time.
Till the time the apple peels dry, you can do more preparations.
Now cut finely pieces of ginger, tomato, green chillies.
Now take a mixer jar and put all the ingredients including apple peel in it.
Now add salt as per taste and mix it and grind it by closing the lid.
Blend the chutney till it becomes coarse.
Now add lemon juice and oil to it and mix.
After this, blend once again.
Now take out the chutney in a vessel.
Your apple peel chutney is ready.
Now you can eat it in breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Apart from this, apple chutney can also be eaten in evening snacks.

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