7th Pay Commission: Big Holi gift for over 1 crore central employees; know how much your salary will be increased

7th Pay Commission, Holi gift: It is indeed a big good news for central employees ahead of Holi. According to the sources, the central government has given a big gift of increase in dearness allowance to 47 lakh employees of the country and dearness relief to 68 lakh pensioners. However, it has not been formally announced. But soon the announcement will be made. (7th Pay Commission, Holi gift)

7th Pay Commission, Holi gift: Green signal to DA hike

According to the sources, in the cabinet meeting held on March 1 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government has given green signal to increase in dearness allowance and dearness relief. But no press conference was held on the cabinet meeting, nor was any press release issued by the government. With which it has not been announced yet. It is being told that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can announce it anytime before Holi.

After this i.e. after Holi, the Finance Ministry will issue notification. According to the information, after reviewing the dearness allowance figures, the Union Cabinet passed the proposal for a 4 per cent increase in dearness allowance, after which the DA will now increase from 38 to 42 percent.

After the notification of increase in dearness allowance is issued, the increase in salary of central employees and pension of pensioners will be implemented. According to the information, the salary for March will be paid along with the new dearness allowance. While the arrears of January and February will be received. The increased dearness allowance and relief will be applicable from January 1, 2023.

7th Pay Commission Holi gift: DA will be Rs90,720

It is worth noting that the central employees (7th Pay Commission) are currently being paid DA at the rate of 38 per cent. If it increases by 4 percent, it will increase to 42 percent. After this, the annual dearness allowance will increase to Rs 90,720 for those with a basic salary of Rs 18,000. Talking about the difference from the existing dearness allowance, the salary will increase by Rs 720 per month and Rs 8640 annually.

Calculation on minimum basic salary of Rs 18,000

Employee’s basic salary Rs 18,000
New Dearness Allowance (42%) Rs.7560/month
Dearness Allowance till now (38%) Rs.6840/month
How much dearness allowance increased 7560-6840 = Rs 720/month
Increase in annual salary 720X12= Rs 8640

Calculation on maximum basic salary of Rs56,900

Employee’s basic salary Rs 56,900
New Dearness Allowance (42%) Rs 23898/month
Dearness Allowance till now (38%) Rs 21622/month
How much dearness allowance increased 23898-21622 = Rs 2276/month
Increase in annual salary 2276X12 = Rs 27312

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