New bio-documentary on Osho Rajneesh to screened in Mumbai tomorrow; check more details here

New Delhi: A bio-documentary on Osho Rajneesh titled ‘ Osho The Movie’ by Italian filmmaker Lakshen Sucameli is going to be premiered at the Yashvant International Film Festival tomorrow at Yashvant chavan auditorium.

Director Lakshen Sucameli says, “This docu-series examines all elements of Osho’s life, including the contentious ones.” It brings new light through the stories of the people who were associated with Osho. It shows with a wider perspective what Netflix’s Wild Wild Country didn’t explore enough.

‘Osho The Movie’ documentary is one hour 40 minutes in length. Documentary covering different periods of Osho’s life. 

The director and writer of the docu have explored many facts that were not shown in ‘Wild Wild Contry’, e.g. the mysterious three days that Osho spent in an Oklahoma jail cell, incarcerated under a false name and allegedly poisoned.

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It also shows how the US government used its political clout to block several western nations from offering asylum to Osho after he was expulsed from the United States. 

The docu-series also covers Osho’s return to India, leading up to his premature death in 1990 at only 59 years of age – still a subject of investigation. 

The film screening is happening in India while Pune Osho Ashram is mired with court cases and controversies. The feud between Osho International Foundation and many Osho disciples has been ignited by the proposed sale of a 2-acre plot of land inside Osho Ashram, Pune.

Is Osho still relevant to India and the World?

Is Osho more relevant than ever as we are witnessing liberty and openness in society including sex? Director Lakshen says, ”This might create more appeal in countries like India but Osho is relevant not only because of more freedom in the society. Osho is relevant also in more liberal countries where true spirituality and meditation are missing. Especially in US and Europe. His message for a New Man is that of Zorba the Buddha, a man who can enjoy Freedom and Celebration together with the search for his interiority and eternal soul!’’

Sucameli has the advantage of an insider’s view of the philosophy and practice of Osho’s ideas. The film provides the perspectives of not only people who are ardent devotees but also those who abandoned the belief and several who are hostile to Osho. Sucameli says, “Nobody was indifferent.” He clarifies that ‘Osho the Movie’ is not a propaganda piece; on the contrary, it “examines all elements of Osho’s life, including the contentious ones.’’

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