Minor tremor shakes Buttala again

Moneragala Disaster Management Unit Assistant Director V. M. Ravindra Kumara said that a tremor of magnitude 3.3 on the Richter Scale occurred in the area of Anjaligama between Buttala

and Wellawaya yesterday (22) at about 11.44 am. Villagers said that the ground shook for about a minute and birds including peacocks screamed.

The tremor was felt by many villages in Buttala, Wellawaya and Moneragala areas and people said that the walls of the houses in many villages around Buttala cracked and roof tiles fell to the ground. They added that schoolchildren were sent to outdoor playgrounds in the affected areas and people in multi-storey buildings and government employees had gone to safe places. Schoolchildren in many schools in the Buttala Education Zone have been sent home following the incident.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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