IMF won’t assist if govt. puts off LG polls

By Saman Indrajith

The JVP told Parliament yesterday that the IMF would not consider extending its assistance to Sri Lanka as long as the incumbent government remained in power, without holding elections.

JVP MP Vijitha Herath, participating in the second reading debate on the Regulations under the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Act, said that although Parliament passed laws to enable promoting investments in the Port City, foreign investors would not come here unless there was political stability.

“Political stability cannot be restored as the government is trying every trick in the book to put off elections because of its fear of losing them.

“The IMF has clearly stated that the government of Sri Lanka should have a popular mandate to receive assistance. The government has no mandate from the people.

“The EU has already raised concerns about the situation prevailing in this country and is considering suspending GSP Plus and other concessions because the basic human rights of people are not ensured by the incumbent government. As long as this government stays in power the crisis will worsen.

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