Katie Maloney Cusses Out 'Evil Little Troll' Scheana Shay for Pushing Tom-Raquel Hookup

Katie Maloney has had it with Scheana Shay “meddling” in her and ex-husband Tom Schwartz’s affairs, something she made very clear on tonight’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules.”

Tom and Katie have tried to maintain a friendship since getting divorced and while it’s been tricky to navigate, it seemed to be going alright before the new hour. Things got tense, however, when Scheana had Schwartz on her podcast and jokingly asked if he would hook up with fellow costar Raquel Leviss.

He spoke with Katie after recording and told Maloney that Scheana has “been really like nudging me, pushing me into dating” and always mentions Raquel’s name when doing it. As Katie later met up with both Raquel and Lala Kent, Leviss also said she felt like Scheana was always pushing her to “make out” with Tom as well.

“It’s a total act of betrayal. Scheana was a bridesmaid at my wedding and when Scheana went through her divorce, I supported her,” an upset Katie said in a confessional. “How would she have felt if I was trying to hook up [Scheana’s ex-husband] with one of my girlfriends? She would have been livid.”

Raquel then shocked Katie by saying she does like Tom “a lot” and while she wouldn’t “date him seriously,” she didn’t exactly shut the door on a hookup. Lala, however, had Katie’s back and interjected.

“This is when I will step in and f—ing defend my friend at all costs. If we want bodies laying everywhere, it’s gonna be you hooking up and Schwartz,” she exclaimed. “I get messy, but I wouldn’t even do that s—.”

Katie added that it would be “a little f—ing weird” if she found out Tom and Raquel were “f—Ing each other,” saying that she’s not “ready to see that or be there just yet.” Leviss also told Katie that nothing has happened between them and she was not in the market for a serious relationship.

Later, after Katie actually listened to the podcast, she was even more upset.

“A friend wouldn’t do this, a friend wouldn’t bring him on a podcast when he’s vulnerable like this and try to coerce him into saying s—,” she vented to Lala. “She needs to stay the f— out of my s—. If she wants to be supportive, be supportive over there. She’s an evil, evil little troll. Karma’s gonna come for you and I’ll watch your world burn and I’ll smile.”

Raquel later met up with Scheana and, of course, spilled everything to her. Shay attempted to defend herself, claiming that when Katie first heard (totally fake) rumors Tom hooked up with Raquel at Coachella following their split she told Scheana her ex should “embrace” the gossip and start dating. She was confused — though it seems the crux of this confusion is that Katie seems okay with Tom dating, just not someone from their shared friend group.

Schwartz at least understood that, as he explained in a confessional that “Katie and I talked about moving forward that we would avoid hooking up with each other’s friends.”

As he, Raquel, Scheana and Brock Davies talked about Katie being “f—ing livid” about the podcast, Scheana said she felt like it was a double standard — since she knew Katie has hooked up with other people since the divorce. Tom, however, said he and Raquel should “maybe stop doing our little schtick” and not be as playful with each other going forward.

The hour ended with the whole cast meeting up at a bar for a performance from Tom Sandoval’s band, where Katie gave Scheana the cold shoulder. Feeling like Scheana had once again been trying to push Tom and Raquel together by only inviting the pair to pre-game before the event, Katie let Shay know she was not pleased.

“I’ve heard all about your plans, Scheana. I don’t give a f— what I said … why are you giving so much weight to what I said in Vegas months ago? I’m telling you right now I don’t care. It’s very f—ing disrespectful what you’ve been up to,” she exclaimed. “What you did with Schwartz on your podcast was f—ing gross. You and your podcast should just stop here. You don’t need to talk about the most painful day of my life, it’s none of your f—ing business.”

As Scheana said she “wasn’t dangling the carrot of Raquel” to Tom and Raquel reiterated that she and Schwartz have never even made out, Katie said the whole thing was making her uncomfortable.

“Stop! Enough, Scheana! This is enough! Get the f— out of my divorce with Tom!” she shouted. “I’m really proud of where we’re coming and you’re derailing everything. You’re meddling like a little troll. A little f—ing troll. I’m done with you.”

With that, Katie walked away from Scheana … and right over to Tom.

“I hate that bitch. She’s a f—ing snake. And I’m done with her,” she said of Scheana, “Nice friends you got there!” As Tom said he wasn’t happy she was so “quick to undermine my friendships,” Katie shot back that he wasn’t “really losing anything with Scheana.”

“The way she sees it, you’re trying to establish boundaries that are a double standard,” he then told her … but, again, Katie wasn’t having any of it. “She’s such a f—ing bitch, dude,” Maloney responded, “She’s inserting herself between us and she’s tearing us apart.”

On social media this week before the episode aired, Maloney said that while she and Scheana may have talked about her wanting Tom to move on, she didn’t “cosign” him hooking up with Raquel — even posting texts from the two she felt proved her stance. Stay tuned, it’s only going to get messier from here.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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