Hilaria Baldwin Explains Her Absence From Social Media, Says She and Her Kids Have Been 'So So Sick'

Hilaria Baldwin is celebrating the holidays with a house full of sick kids.

The 38-year-old mom of seven took to Instagram and explained that her unusual absence from the platform has been due to a wave of sickness that has taken over her family.

“Sorry for being so mia…we’ve been so, so sick. It’s been really tough,” Hilaria captioned a photo of her 3-month-old daughter Illaria Catalina bundled up in her winter gear.

“Take 7 kids who go out and collect germs like they are getting paid for it, then come home and generously plant them in our Petri dish of a house, and the heat goes out in record subzero temps 🥴,” she continued. “I know so many of you can unfortunately relate.”

Despite spending most of the holiday season in bed, the yoga pro sent warm wishes to her followers. “Love to you and sending healthy, warm wishes to each and every one of you,” Baldwin wrote. “Can’t wait to fill you in on how our Christmas was…once I get my lungs and voice back ❤️💚❤️.”

In addition to Ilaria, Hilaria and her husband Alec Baldwin are parents to Carmen, 9, Rafael Thomas, 7, Leonardo Angel Charles, 6, Alejandro David, 4, Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas, 2, and Maria Lucia Victoria, 21 months.

Back in September, Hilaria posted an Instagram Story where she opened up about how she’s been balancing taking care of a newborn, while also being a mom to six other children.

At the time, she had just given birth to Ilaria a few days before. Alongside a photo of herself pushing Eduardo and her daughter in a stroller, she wrote, “Making sure my other babies feel they have mama too. Bringing baby home is magical..and it’s always a transition that we all feel.”

“I am trying to balance [being a] new mom again,” she continued. “With breastfeeding, healing, and hustling to make sure all my children feel that I am there to be the best mama I can be.”

Hilaria went on to add, “Am I getting it right? Def not all the time…mama guilt? Obviously. Emotions: all over the place. 7th time around. I know this is a process.”

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