Two youth die in mo-bike crash in Moronthuduwa

Two 18-year-old youth were killed when the motorcycles they were riding collided head-on at Gonaduwa, Moranthuduwa on Friday night. 

Moranthuduwa police said the two boys were friends.

The deceased have been identified as Yasira Sampath and S.Sulochana, residents of Wadduwa.

The two deceased youth along with a group of six other youths were staying near a bakery in Gonaduwa Tuduwa area at around 11 pm and the police say that Sampath had left on his motorcycle to drop another friend who had said he wanted to go home because it was late. Police say that he was on his way to the same location his friends were after dropping his friend. Meanwhile Sulochana had borrowed a motorcycle from one of his friends and had travelled towards Moronthuduwa.The two mororcycles had collided head-on at Diyagama. Both youth had been pronounced dead upon admittance to the hospital.

Police have found that the group of youth were planning to engage in motorcycle racing when the accident happened.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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