Air India announces new uniform, grooming rules for employees

Air India Latest Uniform code: The updated grooming standards for all of the crew members of Tata-owned Air India (AI) have been announced, along with specific directives about the “No More Chalta Hai” culture.

Regarding the updated image and uniform criteria, Air India published a circular with over 40 pages that fully outlines the requirements for both male and female crew members.

“For the male crew, black uniform jackets must be worn throughout the flight in all cabins. (During boarding, service and deplaning). Personal tie pins are not allowed. Crew can wear a tie without the tie pin if not issued. Only black calf-length socks without logos are to be worn with the uniform. Men must maintain neat short haircut with side parting (without volume),” Air India circular read.

In addition, Air India mandated daily shaving and hair gel use for the male crew members.

“Use of hair gel is mandatory. Male crew with deep receding hairlines and male balding patches must keep a clean shaved head or bald look. The Head must be shaved daily. A crew cut is not permitted. Grey hair is not permitted. Grey hair must be regularly coloured in a natural shade. Fashion colours and heena are not permitted. Rings- Only one ring in wedding band design is allowed for men. Only one Sikh Kada with a maximum width of 0.5 cm thickness in gold or silver without any design, logos or stones may be worn. (No bracelets),” the guidelines read.

The female crew members of Air India were instructed to strictly adhere to the most recent uniform guidelines.

According to its latest circular female crew members should follow the following uniform guidelines, “Apron is discontinued and not to be worn. Black blazer with Indo-western uniform is also discontinued and not to be worn on board. Calf-length stockings (sheer ones and matching the skin tone) are mandatory for flight duties with both a saree and Indo western uniform. The company-issued black cardigan can be worn for boarding and deplaning (during winter months only) and inflight for lull periods on LH and ULH flights throughout the year. Cardigan and waistcoat must never be worn together. Cardigan is not permitted during service.”

Additionally, it stated that foundation and concealers must match skin tones. “The crew must wear complete make-up as per the new uniform guidelines for all flight duties using the company shade card only. Eyeshadow, lipsticks, nail paint and hair shade cards are to be strictly followed as per uniform. Personal shades in these four products are not permitted.

According to the instructions, nail colours should match the uniform. Red and corals go with a red uniform, pink goes with a blue costume and nude, pearly white goes with both uniforms, and French manicure goes with both.

The most recent regulations state that French manicures and gel nail paint are acceptable with routine refills.

“Earrings- gold and diamond studs only in round shape without any design and ornamentation are permitted. Pearls are not allowed. A small bindi is allowed with a saree only (optional) and must be within 0.5 cm in size. Big-size bindi is not permitted. Two rings with 1 cm of width allowed for the female crew but to be worn one in each hand. 20. Only 1 thin bangle in gold or silver without design and stones may be worn. (No bracelets),” it said.

According to the airline, grey hair must be coloured in a natural shade or with a company hair colour shade card for females.

“Blonde hair colour and streaking is strictly not permitted. Hair must be neat and styled according to company hair guidelines. Very high top knots and low buns resting on the neck are strictly not permitted. The bun must be made in the centre of the crown. A donut must be used for making a round bun. Only a thin sheer invisible net must be used with buns. Thick nets are not permitted. Only four black medium-size tic-tac or bobby pins are to be used. Pins must be of the same size and type. Short open hair must be blow dried or permanent smoothening to be done,” it said.

Air India ordered all crew members to immediately implement the aforementioned uniform guidelines, but according to airline sources, this is not feasible because it will take time for thousands of staff members to adhere to the most recent regulations.


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