Peradeniya students chase away CCTV technicians

Peradeniya University’s Arts Faculty Dean Prof. Prabath Ekanayake yesterday said a group of students have threatened

and chased away technicians who went to install CCTV cameras at several places near the Gemba canteen of the University.

Making a special statement, Prof.Ekanayake said that a group of Arts Faculty students attacked another group of students in the university by not allowing them to carry out their academic activities freely.

He said that an atmosphere has been created in the university where anti-ragging students cannot use public places in the university. Due to the relevant situation, the teaching staff of the Faculty of Science has withdrawn from the academic activities and the continuous closure of the Faculty of is an injustice to the students who do not approve of inhumane acts including harassment. He also said that the fixing of CCTV cameras is an initial step aiming at restarting the academic activities.

The Dean of the Arts Faculty said that the administration decided to install cameras in several specific places including the canteen with the aim of protecting the rights of the students who faced injustice.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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