Indian Army to buy over 2000 drones within a week

New Delhi: In order to further strengthen the army in eastern Ladakh, adjacent to China, the government has proposed to buy more than 2000 drones within a week. These drones will be equipped with Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicle (RPAV). A total of five RFPs (Requests for Proposals) were issued in a week. All these surveillance drones and RPAVs are being procured through a fast-track process, which will be deployed along the northern borders with China.

Indian Army buying over 2000 drones

According to defense experts, buying more than 2000 drones will make the Indian Army stronger and more powerful than before. Especially on the northern border with China, drone surveillance is very important. According to experts, in the coming times, war will be fought with technology. Due to which it becomes very important to buy modern surveillance systems like drones.

What is RPAV?

On 25 October, the government issued an RFP (Request for Proposal) for 750 RPAVs to be deployed with the Parachute (Special Forces) battalions of the Indian Army. It is imperative to equip the Parachute Battalion with state-of-the-art equipment. Explain that RPAV is a powerful situational awareness device, which has the ability to scan the target area as well as perform day and night surveillance. Along with this, it also gives 3D scan images of the target in the special mission.

RFP issued for RPAS also

The RPAV device will be deployed for situation awareness, short range surveillance, scanning the target area as well as providing its 3D image. This will not only strengthen the army, but it will also be able to carry out precise attacks during the Direct Action Task. Earlier, on October 20, an RFP for 80 Mini Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) was issued. RPAS can be used to locate enemy troops, equipment and weapon systems in a particular area for tactical surveillance.

RPAS will monitor the Artillery Unit

RPAS is needed for surveillance of artillery units in high altitude areas with a mission range of 15 km. If RPAS work well then it can be procured in large numbers for the army. In addition, the Army is also seeking 1,000 surveillance copters to be operated in the Himalayas and providing live feeds to battle commanders.

RFP for 363 drones was issued last week

All these UAVs and RPAVs will be procured from Indian companies. These copters will provide aerial and continuous surveillance capabilities to the Army. It will have a multi-sensor system, which will do real time monitoring. Earlier last week, the Army had issued two RFPs for proposals to procure 363 drones. Of these, 163 drones are going to be operated at high altitude, while the remaining 200 will be for medium altitude with accessories.

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