GFA holds protest against NPP rally, Mayor stays put

The Galle Football Association (GFA) protested in front of the Galle Municipal Council against allowing the Galle football stadium for a meeting of the National People’s Power (NPP) yesterday.

Galle Mayor Priyantha Sahabandu said that there would be no change in their decision to permit the NPP for their scheduled rally despite the GFA’s protest. Public rallies have been held at this venue earlier also and the Football Association has given written permission for them.

That it is not the policy of the Municipal Council to interfere with the right to hold meetings and that this place was given considering the space available and existing conditions of the city, he said

“If there is any objection in this regard, they should have first discuss the matter with us and or if it had been impossible there are other institutions in the city to which they could have referred the matter and it is disgusting to bring seven or eight people to protest unnecessarily creating an issue, the mayor said.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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