Teresa Giudice Reveals Just How Much Sex She's Having with New Husband Luis Ruelas

You could argue it’s TMI, but anyone who knows Teresa Giudice knows it’s just another day. The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star has never been shy about sharing pretty much anything and everything about her life.

That certainly proved the case during a Q&A session this past Friday at Live! Casino & Hotel in Philadelphia as Guidice shared not only how many times she and her new husband Luis Ruelas had sex each day during their honeymoon, but also how things have settled at home after.

According to The City Pulse’s Whitney Ullman, who shared video from the session to YouTube, Giudice said that she and Ruelas found time to have sex five times a day during their honeymoon.

Things have slowed down since they got home and back to their regular lives, but not too much. “Definitely ever day, twice a day, morning and at night,” Giudice said of their post-honeymoon sex lfe. “If he gets me during the day, that’s three.”

As fellow “Housewives” Dorinda Medley and Dolores Catania were cracking up at just how candid and fearlessly open she is, Giudice said, “We’re very sexual and I love it because when you love someone, you want to be that way with them.”

She went on to say that their hot for one another’s bodies and that they can’t keep their tongues out of one another’s mouths before hilariously closing her statement by saying, “I’m gonna leave it at that. We’re very hot and steamy and I think that’s the way you have to be.”

The suggestion with “I’m gonna leave it at that” is that she held something back, but it really doesn’t feel like she did. As the moderator commented on how open she was, Guidice insisted you should be sexual with your partner, “Otherwise, why would I get married?”

These numbers definitely line up with what Giudice said she was looking for in a partner even before she met Ruelas during “RHONJ” Season 11. She said then that she wanted a partner who could have sex with her “at least three times a day.”

Giudice’s wedding is expected to air as a special in 2023 following the conclusion of “RHONJ” Season 14. The couple wed on August 6 at the Park Chateau Estate & Gardens in East Brunswick, New Jersey, before heading to Europe for their romantic and apparently very steamy honeymoon.

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