Global buyers losing confidence in Lanka - NCE

23 July, 2022

The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE), in a recent media release stated that international buyers tend to lose confidence on Sri Lankan exporters due to the ongoing commotion in the country.

The exporters take long and hard years to build creditability in the global market for Sri Lankan products and services, yet now they face a threat of losing such status. It is, therefore, one of the utmost responsibilities of the policy makers to support this vital sector, to sustain exports, which is currently the only sizable foreign exchange earner to the country.

 Sri Lankan exporters have been performing well, overcoming every challenge keeping their heads above water and have managed to sustain a continuous flow of foreign exchange. They have been able to fulfill buyer expectations amidst the ongoing socio-economic turmoil in the country. However, due to various constraints including shortage of fuel and energy the factory operations have been affected badly. It is therefore required to support this industry as an essential service thereby to provide energy and fuel to keep factories running for a smooth operation. Exporters simply cannot lose buyers as it will be an arduous task to find buyers, especially amidst a severe competition by neighboring countries .

 NCE strongly advises appointing of a competent authority to overlook international trade, particularly exports and to set a robust structure to strengthen the supply chain in moving forward.  Managing the shortage of foreign exchange within the shortest possible time and restore the supply of essential items, medicine, fuel and domestic gas has become the priority. Most importantly, the policy makers must ensure the entire system is resurrected, supported and strengthened within a short period of time to guarantee important functions are carried out without any interruptions which include Customs, Ports and Public Transport etc. The Chamber also made a special request from the Government to engage private sector to work on export related initiatives.

NCE, in its endeavor to support Sri Lankan Exporters initiated a market growth program and has set up linkages with Sri Lankan Foreign Missions overseas and many other important trade Chambers internationally. The NCE is planning several trade facilitation programs including  international trade delegations to countries which are economically important and seek support of Commercial Officers of Sri Lankan Missions, overseas and related agencies in these efforts. The NCE  welcomes  exporters to register with the Chamber and joining in these planned trade promotional programs.

– Sunday Observer Sri Lanka

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