Queen Latifah reveals 'delightful' present given by co-star Adam Sandler

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Singer-actor Queen Latifah revealed that she received a present from her co-star Adam Sandler during the shoot of their Netflix film ‘Hustle.’ 

On the television show Jimmy Kimmel Live, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel himself, Latifah said that on the sets of Hustle she had once complimented Adam’s shoes which were red, in response to which Adam surprised her by giving orders to the team to buy the same pair of shoes for Latifah, reported The Hollywood Reporter. “I was admiring his sneakers earlier today,” spoke the ‘Equalizer’ actor, Latifah. Imitating Adam, she said, “He was like, ‘Hey, go to the store, get Queen a couple of pair of these.’

To Latifah’s surprise, she expressed that as soon as Adam ordered the similar red pair of shoes, they just appeared in her room. Complimenting the ‘Grown Ups’ actor, Latifah said “So he’s a good provider, and I appreciate that,” as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Queen Latifah, during Hustle’s premiere in Los Angeles, said that he appreciated Adam’s ability in doing roles which are outside his forte, that is comedy. “I like him being able to show different sides of who he is and get to flex different muscles as well,” said Latifah.

‘Hustle’ is set to hit Netflix on June 8 this year. In ‘Hustle’, Sandler portrays a has-been basketball scout who finds his shot at redemption when he discovers an incredible street ballplayer in China.

The film is slated to be released on Netflix as part of Sandler’s mega-deal with the streamer. It stars Robert Duvall, Ben Foster along with Queen Latifah. LeBron James serves as an executive producer in the film.

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