Miracles do take place! Boy's body was twisted terribly, THIS is what doctors did

New Delhi:

After taking birth on earth, there are different types of struggles in the life of a human being. If you have a healthy body and mind then this struggle becomes a little easier but if you are a victim of some disease then it becomes difficult to live. Something similar happened with an African boy named Ulrich, who had such a serious illness since childhood, which did not allow him to even stand on his feet.

According to the report of The Sun, Ulrich had a serious problem related to the muscles (Quadriceps contracture). Due to this problem, the boy’s body kept turning on one side only. He went to many doctors with this problem, but he was told even more unexpected things. No one even refused to touch his hand for his surgery. In such a situation, Ulrich was spending his life with the help of a stick.

This condition of Ulrich is called quadriceps contracture in medical language. Because of this condition, the rate of growth of Ulrich’s muscles was much lower than that of bones. In such a situation, the his legs had moved forward in a strange way and he could not stand. On the road, he used to move forward with the help of sticks and people used to look at him with strange eyes. As he got older, his condition was getting worse. According to Ulrich’s mother Georgette, her family did not even have the money for the operation, so no doctor was ready for surgery.

Road to recovery

Ulrich’s mother Georgette says that it was a very painful situation for her. Meanwhile, he got hope from the African Mercy Charity. They took the responsibility of the boy’s surgery. This miraculous operation changed Ulrich’s life and after several surgeries, the boy was able to stand on his feet. Now he can not only stand and walk, but can also touch the roof of his house and hug his mother.


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