Good News! THIS Government Yojana will give labourers Rs 3,000 every month; Know how to apply

PMSYM Yojana:

Labourers no longer have to worry about old-age expenses thanks to the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana. PMSYM is a scheme for unorganised sector workers. Street vendors, rickshaw pullers, construction workers, and labourers engaged in a variety of other unorganised sector jobs will benefit from this scheme. The government guarantees the pension under this scheme. With this scheme, you can get a Rs 36000 annual pension by saving just Rs 2 per day.

Daily deposits of only two rupees are required

You must deposit Rs 55 every month to begin this scheme. That is, by saving about Rs 2 per day when you are 18, you can get an annual pension of Rs 36000. If a person begins this scheme at the age of 40, he must deposit Rs 200 every month. You will begin receiving a pension at the age of 60. After 60 years, you will receive a monthly pension of Rs 3000, or Rs 36000 per year.

Documents required

To participate in this scheme, you must have a savings bank account as well as Aadhaar. The age of the person should be between 18 and 40 years old.

Registration is simple

To do so, you must first register for the scheme at the Common Service Center (CSC). Workers can register on the portal at the CSC center. The government has established a web portal for this scheme. All online information will be routed to the Government of India via these centers.

Must provide this information

You will need your Aadhaar Card, Passbook from your Savings or Jan Dhan Bank Account, and your Mobile Number to register. Apart from that, a consent letter must be given, which must also be given in the bank branch where the employee will have a bank account, so that money can be deducted for pension from his bank account on time.

Who is eligible?

Any unorganised sector employee under the age of 40 who is not enrolled in any government scheme can benefit from the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Pension Scheme. Let us remind you that the applicant’s monthly income should be less than 15 thousand rupees.

Get information by dialling a toll-free number

The Labour Department’s office, LIC, and EPFO have been designated as Shramik Facilitation Centers for this scheme. Workers can learn more about the scheme by visiting this website. The government has established a toll-free number for the scheme, 18002676888. Calling this number will also provide you with information about the scheme.


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