'If exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is religious then...': WHAT did actress Sai Pallavi SAY that sparked controversy?

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Actor Sai Pallavi’s recent comment during the promotion of her film has caused a furore on social media. Known for speaking her heart out, Sai Pallavi recently condemned violence in the name of religion. Comparing exodus of Kashmiri Pandits to cow vigilantism, the actor has left netizens battling it out on social media — with one side chastising her for her remarks, while the other showering her with praises for her courage. 

“The Kashmir Files showed how Kashmiri Pandits were killed at the time. If you are taking the issue as a religious conflict, there was an instance recently where a Muslim was attacked when he was driving a vehicle carrying cows, and people chanted Jai Shri Ram. So where is the difference from what happened then and what is happening now?,” the actor said in an interview to YouTube channel Great Andhra.

Sai Pallavi is currently promoting her upcoming film “Virata Parvam”. Also starring Rana Daggubati, the film is inspired by true events from the 1990s. It chronicles a love story against the backdrop of the Naxalite movement in the Telangana region.

The matter emerged when the interviewer asked Sai Pallavi if she felt sympathy for the Naxals while performing this role.

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“How did you feel when you wore the Naxal uniform and held guns?” the interviewer asked,To this, Sai Pallavi said, “It is an ideology, right? You might have an ideology of peace. I feel that violence is a wrong form of communication. I don’t believe now that issues can be solved with violence, but back then (the time period the film depicts), they (Naxals) would have thought about how to express their difficulties.”

“Whether that was right or wrong… well, we’re not in their situation. It was a different time. As I was saying earlier, for people in Pakistan, what our Armed Forces do may look like terrorism, because it’s harming them. For us, what they (Pakistan Armed Forces) do feels the same way. It depends on the perspective,” she added.

Check out how netizens are reacting to Sai Pallavi’s comments: 

Sai Pallavi’s “Virata Parvam” will release in theatres on June 17.


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