BTS: RM expresses disappointment over disbandment rumours, says 'this was never the end'

New Delhi:

BTS recently sent fans into shock after announcing their brief hiatus to pursue individual career. While the band announced they will be back soon, many considered the development as septet’s disbandment. Now, BTS leader RM (Kim Nam-joon) wrote a long letter on WeVerse explaining what they meant, and expressed slight resentment at the misinterpretations and circulation of screenshots where he can be seen breaking down.

RM wrote, “After the broadcast was released, I got the most calls since our debut. Looking at the screenshots and the titles of the articles that others sent me, I saw the disbandment, hiatus, announcement, etc..there are a lot of provocative and partial keywords comes out. It’s not that I didn’t know this would happen or that I wasn’t prepared, but it makes me feel bitter.”

He added that the sentiment was inexplicable and it was just a matter of confession for the fans. “Those who watched the video will know, as the title of the song ‘Yet To Come’ implied, what we really wanted to say was that this was never the end. There is only the scene of me sobbing was captured and it continued to spread-wide so I was thinking did I share something I shouldn’t have been brave enough to share. The courage to be honest always seems to cause unnecessary misunderstanding and anger. Haha.”

RM continued, “What I’m saying is, if truth is 2, we weren’t going to twist it into 1. We are saying 1 is 1 and share all the emotions that were in the process with courage and tears. If it’s an ARMY who knows us, I’m sure they’ll understand. What we said in the video is all we’ve said. Although Jungkook and Taehyung  talked about it through vapp as well, we’ve always talked openly about BTS’s long-term future. I won’t say we haven’t been argued and sulked but I believe it’s a trial and error that starts social life at a young age in 10-20s and becoming matured as an adult.”

RM added that he was worried that this post would create further worry.  “I’m going to give you a brief explanation as the person who talked the most. Thank you to everyone who watched the video and sends good support, love, and energy from afar or near. I will work hard in order to show you a good performance whether it’s as a team or as an individual. Thank you.”

Big Hit also clarified that the band is not taking a hiatus, but would just be focussing more on their solo careers.


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