Chris Evans Blasts Critics of Lightyear's Same-Sex Kiss: 'Those People Are Idiots'

Chris Evans isn’t sweating all those people lashing out about his “Toy Story” inspired film “Lightyear” featuring a same-sex kissing scene between two female characters, because “those people are idiots.”

The star made the comments during an interview with Reuters to promote the upcoming Disney-Pixar film. “The real truth is those people are idiots,” he said. “There’s always going to be people who are afraid and unaware and trying to hold on to what was before. But those people die off like dinosaurs.”

He went on to add, “I think the goal is to pay them no mind, march forward and embrace the growth that makes us human.”

The scene that has some conservatives in a snit features Uzo Aduba’s character, who is Buzz Lightyear’s best friend and commander, and an as-yet-unrevealed female character. According to Reuters, the two women marry.

For detractors, it’s the same old argument: the inclusion of a same-sex kiss is perpetrating an agenda to influence young children. Supporters argue it is just showing the full range of people as they are. Same-sex marriage is, after all, legal and present in the United States.

Nevertheless, the film has come upon issues in international markets, with Variety reporting that the scene would be stripped from the film in some Asian countries including Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

“Every time there’s been social advancement as we wake up, the American story, the human story is one of constant social awakening and growth and that’s what makes us good,” Evans argued.

The film’s producer also spoke with Reuters about the scene, wondering why viewers don’t get upset about movies “showing failed relationships” more than successful ones like the one depicted in the film.

“We have a relationship here which lasts an entire lifetime,” she said. “It’s loving, it’s supportive and it shows Buzz exactly what he doesn’t have and that’s the whole point. We should all be so lucky to have that kind of relationship in our life.”

It was Susman who, speaking with Mercury News, revealed that Disney had been hesitant about the “quick lesbian kiss,” though they were supportive of the long-term relationship.

At one point, it was reported the scene had been cut altogether from the final cut of the film, but after receiving backlash over its delayed response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the scene was reinstated, per The Hollywood Reporter.

In talking to Variety after the kiss was reinstated into the final cut of the film, Evans shared that he was happy the kiss was back in, but frustrated it was even an issue or “news” at all.

“It’s tough to not be a little frustrated that it even has to be a topic of discussion,” he told the outlet. “The goal is that we can get to a point where it is the norm, and that this doesn’t have to be some uncharted waters, that eventually this is just the way it is, that representation across the board is how we make films.”

“Look, it’s an honor to be a part of something that is taking those steps, but the goal is to look back on this time and just be shocked that it took us this long to get there,” he noted.

Evans voices Buzz Lightyear in the film, which is supposed to be the movie that originally inspired the popular Buzz Lightyear Galactic Ranger toy voiced by Tim Allen in the “Toy Story” franchise. It arrives on theaters on Friday.

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