This company to provide 180 days long validity for just Rs 49

New Delhi:

, Airtel, Jio, Vi and BSNL companies are providing more than one plan to their users i

n the Indian telecom market

  To challenge them there is another competition in the market. We are talking about MTNL. The SIM of this company is still used by many users and this company provides such plans in which you get more validity at a lower cost. We are going to tell you about one such plan of MTNL. For Rs 49, users get a validity of 180 days.

MTNL Rs 49 plan details:

The price of this plan is Rs 49. In this, users will be given a long validity of 180 days. Now let’s talk about what benefits are available in it. In this, users will be given 60 local minutes and 20 STD minutes. Talking about call charges, it will have to be charged at the rate of paisa per second and 1 paisa per second. Also the SMS charge is 0.50 paise for local, Rs 1.50 for national and Rs 5 for international. At the same time, if you use data, then you will have to pay 3 paise per MB.

Competition from Airtel-Jio-Vi-BSNL:

If seen, not much is being given in this plan of MTNL, but if the validity of 180 days is available for Rs 49, then the plan cannot be called bad. Other companies are not providing any such plan. This plan of MTNL allows users to keep their number operational for a longer period.


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