THESE apps will help you lose weight without trainer

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If you not losing weight even after doing regular workouts and controlling your diet then you can switch to weight losing apps. By making some changes in the daily routine, you can make yourself fit to fat. Here we have some applications, that can be installed in your mobiles, which could guide you regarding losing fat. 

Lose It!App

Lose It is user friendly weight loss app. It focuses completely on your calorie counting and weight tracking. After knowing your body weight, age and health goals, this app gives you a weight loss plan. Once the plan is made, you can see your meal plan here. Also, this app will give you information about restaurants and brands near your home. You may have to pay $9.99 per month to use the premium features of this app.


Calorie count has the biggest impact in losing weight. The MyFitnessPal app works like this by counting calories in your body and notifying you again and again to reduce them. The specialty of this app is that its focus remains mostly on your diet and calorie count. This app also has a barcode scanner that can collect information about the food you get and tell whether this food will prove to be beneficial or not.

Fitbit App

The Fitbit App has a feature to track your workout habit. It keeps track of your activities throughout the day. This is the reason that by following this app you can increase physical activity. In this, your daily steps, kilometers and stairs climbed are counted. Along with this, it also measures your heart rate. That is, in a way, it also keeps on checking the whole body from time to time. Apart from this, this app also tells you how far you are from your goal and how much hard work you need to do.


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