Sarah Michelle Gellar Celebrates Birthday with Cast Reunion at Cruel Intentions Art Exhibit

There was definitely intention, but nothing cruel about it as Sarah Michelle Gellar staged an epic “Cruel Intentions” reunion for her 45th birthday.

The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” actress brought together not just the film’s cast, director and producer, but did it in a one-of-a-kind venue that made the whole experience even more magical.

That’s because as part of an exhibit inspired by Édouard Manet’s 1863 painting “Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe” at Jeffrey Deitch art gallery in Los Angels, painter Sam McKinniss submitted works inspired by the iconic 1999 film.

“What an absolute joy for the legendary cast, director and producer of ‘Cruel Intentions’ to stop by for a surprise visit on @sarahmgellar’s birthday and pose in front of Sam McKinniss’s (@wkndpartyupdate) brilliant paintings!” the gallery posted to Instagram on Thursday.

The accompanying photos featured co-stars Gellar, Selma Blair, Ryan Phillippe, director Roger Krumble and producer Neal H. Moritz posing with and enjoying two pieces that look drawn right from the film. Well, painted, we should say.

“Art and surprise on my birthday,” Gellar captioned her own share of some of those same photos. “What a special day. Thank you.”

Blair jumped into the comments, replying, “Happy birthday to the Marcia f—— Brady of the upper east side.”

Over on her own Instagram, Blair shared a series of new pictures, while also thanking Gellar for giving her a gift on Gellar’s birthday. “Only you,” she captioned the images. “My gosh, you are perfect!”

Horitz shared the images as well, writing, “Great Cruel Intentions reunion to celebrate @sarahmgellar bday!! Loved seeing them all!” Krumble, meanwhile, captioned his share, “I love this art culture stuff. Especially when it revolves around celebrating @sarahmgellar‘s birthday.”

Fans interested in seeing McKinnis’ art in person still have time. The “Luncheon on the Grass” exhibit, which features a wide array of artistic responses to Manet’s original painting (including McKinniss’ “Cruel Intentions” pieces), is currently scheduled to run through May 7 at Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles.

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