Safety Alert! These 6 Antivirus Apps can hack your personal data

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Users using Android Smartphones relies on Google Play Store to store new mobile


, but at times some apps that comes out on the Play Store, are designed to harm the users. Recently new information has come to light that 6 Antivirus Apps present on Google Play Store have stolen personal or say personal data of about 15 thousand Android users.

After detecting these 6 Antivirus


, Google has removed these apps from Google Play Store. For your information, let us tell you that this information has come out through the report of Check Point Research, it has been told in the report that 3 researchers have identified that hackers use Sharkbot Android Stealer software under the guise of antivirus apps. Taxes are stealing passwords, bank details and other personal information of Android Smartphone users.

Technique used for the first time:

These apps were downloaded by more than 15 thousand people from Google Play Store. According to the report of Check Point, this malware uses geofencing feature and evasion technology which helps to differentiate it from other malware. What’s more, it uses domain generation algorithms that have hardly been used by anyone else in the world of Android malware before.

With the help of SharkBot Android malware, these 6 Antivirus Apps have made more than 15 thousand people their victims who steal banking and credential information. The most affected users are from Italy and the UK.

Here are the six applications that can damage your personal data:

Malware Apps

Atom Clean Booster, Antivirus

Antivirus Super Cleaner

Center Security Antivirus

Alpha Antivirus Cleaner

Powerful Cleaner Antivirus

Center Security Antivirus


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