Russia-Ukraine war: Europe in danger of blackout as uncertainty looms over Russian gas supply


Many countries of Europe may have to face problems if the payment for the Russian gas supply is not paid in the Russian currency Ruble. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that this problem has been created by Western countries. 

In a press conference on Wednesday, he said that if European countries do not pay in rubles, then Russia may stop their gas supply.

Poland and Bulgaria have already faced this crisis. The European Union (EU) has accused Russia of

blackmailing Europe

. However, the Kremlin has denied this. 

The Kremin has said that Russia is a reliable supplier of energy resources and is bound by the terms of its agreements. Russia also said that the payment process has been changed only in view of the current war with Ukraine and the subsequent problems. Apart from this, there has been no change in any other agreement.

Meanwhile, Serbia has said that if Russia makes the mistake of stopping the gas supply, it will not affect the Balkan countries. Significantly, Serbia buys 6 million cubic meters of gas every day from Russia through Bulgaria. 

Serbia’s Energy Minister Jorana Mihailovi said in a statement that the situation may become more complicated in the coming days. That’s why Serbia looking for alternatives.

Russia’s gas is supplied in Serbia, apart from this, the monopoly in the field of oil in the country is also in the hands of Russian company Gazprom. 

However, no sanctions have been imposed on Russia by Serbia. At the same time, Poland had announced sanctions on Russia on Tuesday, after which Russia stopped its gas supply. However, now this supply has been started again. Meanwhile, Hungary has also said that stopping Russia’s gas supply will not affect them.


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