Ladakh: China's new move at LAC, installs mobile towers near India border

Leh (Ladakh):

China is again up to its old tricks at the LAC in Ladakh. China has installed three mobile towers in the Hot Springs area near the LAC. 

It is being said that these mobile towers will not only benefit the Chinese army, but will also prove to be very helpful in its espionage. China has installed these three towers in the Hot Springs area after building a bridge across Pangong Lake.

Councilor Konchok Stanjin from Chugul, Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh, has posted the photos of these mobile towers on Twitter. 

“After completing the bridge over Pangong lake, China has installed 3 mobile towers near China’s hot spring very close to the Indian territory. Isn’t it a concern? We don’t even have 4G  facilities in human habitation villages. 11 villages in my constituency have no 4G facilities,” he wrote on Twitter.

These 3 mobile towers installed by China near the Indian border could be part of a bigger plan. One thing is very clear from this, China is trying to strengthen its communication system near the Indian border, so that it can establish better communication facilities for its army and others in those areas.

China has so far settled 624 villages in the areas bordering India. These villages have been settled by bringing in those Hans, who may live with the family, but are also carrying out military operations when needed. Most of these people have got the necessary training for military training and espionage.


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