Kim Tae-ri b'day: When the 'Twenty-Five Kim Tae-ri b'day: When the 'Twenty-Five, Twenty-One' star felt sad about its ending-One' star felt sad about its ending

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South star Kim Tae-ri rang in her 32 birthday today. One of the most celebrated actors of Hallyuwood across genders, Kim Tae-ri’s latest outing was Twenty-Five, Twenty-Two. While the coming of age drama was hailed for lead actors’ chemistry, slice of life nature and beautiful portrayal of friendship, its bittersweet ending left everyone divided. 

Twenty-Five, Twenty-Two saw love blooming between an aspiring fencer Na Hee-do and a broadcast journalist Baek Yi-jin, played by Nam Joo-hyuk, in the aftermath of the IMF crisis in the 1990s. The story follows Kim Min-chae, Na Hee-do’s daughter, who relives her mother’s memories with a great help from her diaries. Much to the anguish of fans, Na Hee-do does not end up with Baek Yi-jin. To add to the misery of fans, the makers never reveal Kim Min-chae’s father. 

In an interview after the finale ended earlier in April, as quoted by Soompi, Kim Tae-ri said that she felt apologetic about the ending. “While watching the drama, I also felt that Hee-do was so loveable and that Baek Yi-jin was such a good and warm person. It was the same for Hee-do. Wouldn’t it have been [viewers’] desire for their mutually supportive relationship to continue on until the end? And until marriage, if marriage was the end? If I was a viewer and not the actor, I would’ve supported their happy ending too. I feel apologetic because so many viewers supported us. I’m sad too.”

She also mentioned that she was quite upset with the ending. “I was so sad. Everyone has a first love,  but my first love wasn’t anything like Hee-do and Yi-jin’s. They had such a fantasy-like first love. Doesn’t it feel like they had everything you could add to a first love? Breaking up with that kind of first love was so sad to me.”


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