Kim Kardashian on Going Behind the Scenes at SNL for New Show, North Styling Vogue Shoot

One of the criticisms fans have had of Kim Kardashian’s style over the years is how much she sticks to basic stark colors, like black and white, in her wardrobe and home decor. Well apparently, they’re not the only ones who want to spark a little color into the family.

The reality star dropped by “Ellen” for Wednesday’s show where she talked about daughter North West styling the family for their recent Vogue photo shoot, not because she was asked to do so but because she demanded it.

“They were all going to wear black,” Kim said, to no one’s surprise (she was in a solid black dress for this appearance. “[North] walked out there and was like, ‘This is so boring, I can’t believe this is what we’re going to wear. I’m going to dress everyone.'”

And apparently that’s exactly what she did, with Kim saying North raided everyone’s closets and put together what turned out to be a very cute and fun collection of looks. The ensuing photo shoot, which apparently stressed Kim out, turned out great.

“Any time I have to do a photoshoot with my kids, or my cousins, it’s like the worst day of my life and I always say I’ll never do it again,” she said as Ellen shared the photo spread. “But then you get amazing pictures like this.” We say let North have a little more say to let the fun side out.

Maybe with all the new changes happening on the television side of the Kardashians empire, Kim will give North some more power. Apparently, this new iteration is all about major changes from the show’s production schedule to even it’s production team.

Ellen DeGeneres pointed out that the team behind the cameras is actually all new, after 15 years with largely the same crew during the family’s time on E!’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

While admitting that it was hard to say goodbye to people they thought of as family, Kim said that it was a decision to better differentiate this new product from the old. “We wanted it to be a little bit different and we trusted in that,” she said, explaining that they felt a new team could bring “new energy” and “see us from a different perspective.”

She described the new series as more documentary style, with trailers showing more back-and-forth interview segments than the previous series’ talking head spots. She also said that it feels “very current and newsy.”

One of the biggest criticisms the family has had about “KUWTK” as the internet and social media exploded is that they had to live their life experiences twice. Their fans and media were all over major events as they happened, and then again eight to ten months later when the episodes aired.

“It just feels really current, timewise, from when we started to film to when it airs,” Kim said of the new series. “[It] kind of goes with the news cycle, if that makes sense, you just kind of see it all in real time.”

Well, not exactly real time, as the series purportedly starts with Kim’s hosting stint on “SNL,” which took place in October 2021. That’s five months, which is a bit faster, but perhaps interview segments will be filmed even closer to air time. Fans will have to tune in to find out.

One thing about the new show that should intrigue fans of NBC’s late-night staple “Saturday Night Live” is that Kim says she was afforded almost unprecedented access to the production of the sketch comedy show during her week there.

“They never really show behind the scenes of ‘SNL’ and we were able to film the entire process,” she told Ellen. “And that was really cool because I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”

It was a wild and tumultuous time for Kim personally, with her having the bar exam scheduled for just two weeks after the show. On top of that, of course, is the fact that this is where she and Pete first met — and kissed as part of an “Aladdin”-themed sketch.

It’s not clear how much of that behind-the-scenes footage they’ll be able to share on their show, but it certainly gives another incentive for people to tune in and check out the premiere. Will “SNL” stars make guest appearances? Will we see off-camera interactions with Kim and Pete during rehearsals or between the sketches?

Of course, the show isn’t just about Kim, so there’s plenty of other material and family members to explore. Another relationship that will be front and center is the fresh romanced between Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

Ellen again joked that when she was over at the family’s house for the holidays, the couple were pawing all over each other, making out constantly. It’s apparently not just for the paparazzi that they can’t keep their hands off of one another.

But what Ellen wanted to know is if there is truth to the rumors that Kourtney wants to have another child with Travis. While doing her job of encouraging fans to tune in, Kim made it clear that this question is a big part of Kourtney’s story.

“Yeah, I mean you’ll see their journey,” Kim replied. “I think when you find love that you can’t live without and there’s still a chance — she’s in her early 40s — I think they definitely want to see what life would be like.”

She went on to say that Kourtney and Travis “share the whole story” and they’re “super open” about it. That reportedly includes fertility challenges, so it’s not yet clear if they’ll be successful in their endeavors.

But if nothing else, Kim is confident fans will still want to tune in, joking, “I think people will really want to see how cute they are, [and] how much they make out.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kim shares why she thought she needed to buy adult diapers for that bar exam, as well as how much she still enjoys watching the footage of when Ellen scared momager Kris Jenner to the point she fell over back in 2018.

“It gets me every time,” she laughed while again watching the scene. She also revealed that she “always dreamed of being scared like that.” What she didn’t dream of, though, was Ellen coming up with a way to face one of her biggest fears.

You can see that at the end of the video above — it gets to the point Kim runs completely off the stage!

“The Kardashians” premieres April 14 on Hulu.

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