Maharashtra: Turn off loudspeakers in mosques or else..., warns Raj Thackeray


Violence and tensions have erupted in the last few days surrounding religious processions. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray added nine dimensions to the unrest this time. He has demanded that all mosque loudspeakers in Maharashtra be switched off till May 3.

He also hinted that he would not hesitate to take action if the authorities fail to comply with his demands.

Message to the Maharashtra government

Raj Thackeray has given a direct message to the Maharashtra government. 

He said, “Loudspeakers should be kept off in all mosques till May 3. Otherwise, we will also play Hanuman Chalisa on the speaker. This is not a religious issue, it is a political issue. I will tell the state government, there is no question of retreat in this matter. Do what you can. ”

Raj Thackeray has claimed that he does not want riots. He does not hate anyone. But this rule has to be introduced in all mosques in Maharashtra from April 12 to May 3. For that, the government has to call all the clerics. Otherwise he will also play Hanuman Chalisa. 

And if that doesn’t work, then Raj Thackeray says, “Be ready for my next step. Hopefully that won’t be needed. “

Not afraid of the police, administration: Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackeray also said that he was not afraid of the police and administration. 

“I will not let anyone be harmed by the loudspeaker. Although there is a legal case against me, I have no objections. There are already 125 cases against me. If you don’t switch off the loudspeakers before May 3, be prepared for my next step,” Raj Thackeray said.

The ruling Shiv Sena has not yet responded to Raj Thackeray’s remarks.


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