Khloe Kardashian Reacts to The Rock Assessing Her Wax Figure's Butt in Hilarious TikTok

After Dwayne Johnson made a surprise visit to Madame Tussauds to check out his newest wax figure, the “Jungle Cruise” star found himself paying even more attention to his waxy neighbor, one Khloé Kardashian.

Even funnier, there was one aspect of the reality star’s figure that stuck out to him more than anything else. In fact, it seemed to actually catch him off star, with the actor pausing after posing with Khloé’s figure.

“Wait a second,” he said, quickly panning Khloé’s curves before filming the backside of his own figure. “I mean guys, look at that.” Clearly one of these things was not like the other.

He captioned his video with the message, “I just have oneeee more note.” In the clip itself, he panned again to Khloé’s statue and asked Tussauds directly, “Guys, can we — that’s amazing! — add a little bit more?” he asks. “Give me some glutes. Some glutes just like that.”

Clearly, Khloé caught wind of The Rock’s appreciation, responding to his TikTok on her Instagram Stories, per ET. “It looks like I am in INCREDIBLE company. Yessss @therock,” she captioned a shot of Johnson posing next to his wax figure.

Johnson had clearly agreed, telling his followers in his video, “We look kind of cool together.” Khloé’s figure is just a few feet from The Rock’s — and definitely close enough that you can compare their respective–

As for his comment about her glutes, Khloé joked that the museum had “hooked me up,” adding that his video had her “crying!!!” with laughter.

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