Don’t release substandard LP Gas - Sajith

A LP Gas shipment that arrived in Sri Lanka recently, which was ordered not to be released to the market, has been released, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa charged.

He said the Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI) had stated that the LPG in the shipment is substandard as the Ethyl Mercaptan percentage was very low in them.

“However, the authorities have decided to unload the shipment,” he added.

MP Premadasa said that releasing substandard gas to the market and risking public lives is a sin committed by the Government. “They Government is playing with the lives of the people. The Appeal Court also issued a directive to work according to the SLSI standards.

Under whose directives the officials decided to offload stocks on board the ship?” he questioned.

The Opposition Leader made the above comments to the media on Saturday after inspecting the damages to a kitchen at a household in Lunugamvehera due to a LP Gas related explosion.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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