More accountability needed in LG bodies - CMEV National Coordinator

National Coordinator of the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) Manjula Gajanayake alleged that Local Government (LG) bodies have become battle grounds due to the incompetence of their Chairpersons.

Gajanayake sighted the incidents that took place at the Maharagama Urban Council a few weeks ago as a classic example. “The people of this country were not happy with the conduct and efficiency of the majority of their representatives in Parliament during the last five years or so. Some Members of Parliament in the last Parliament were seen throwing a mixture of chilli powder and water at their fellow Parliamentarians within the Chamber and it is no surprise that members of Local Government bodies are also behaving in a similar manner.

Gajanayake said that there are three main factors that make not only the Maharagama UC but many other Local Government bodies a disgrace.

01. These Councils are unable to overcome the influence of the bad political culture prevailing in the country.

02. Disposal of Public Accountability because the Chairpersons of the relevant Councils are trapped in the agenda of their political parties.

03. Failure of the Assistant and Provincial Level Commissioners to discharge their duties and responsibilities properly. (According to the objectives set out by the Department of Local Government, they have three primary functions namely Advising, Assisting and Guiding and none of these functions are carried out effectively).

Another major issue is the misunderstanding the male representatives have about women’s representation. The male members always think that the female members are a threat to their dominance.


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