Probe begins into Nuwara Eliya Avurudu fest

The Mayor of Nuwara Eliya had apparently not heeded the Government’s instructions when organising an Avurudu event in the vicinity of Lake Gregory, said Central Province Governor Attorney-at-Law Lalith U. Gamage yesterday.

He added that it was also suspicious if the same event was organized in such a manner in order to inconvenience the Government and the President.

He said further that while the Government had specified that functions and events be held in accordance with health recommendations, the Mayor of Nuwara Eliya had not taken any notice of it when holding an Avurudu event in the vicinity of Lake Gregory.

He said further since the Municipal Council is under the rule of the United National Party, the suspicion arose and subsequently an investigation under the leadership of the Secretary of the Central Province, Provincial Council has been commenced.

Lalith U. Gamage made this statement at a media briefing held at the Auditorium of the office of the Governor of the Province.

He emphasized further that while health sectors had informed the Mayor to restrict the number of people participating in the Spring Carnival and not to hold any Avurudu events of the Municipal Council, the Mayor of Nuwara Eliya had ignored all advice and held several functions and events.

The Governor who said that there are questions as to how these events of the Municipal Council were funded. He added that it has been reported that certain employees of the Council had been entertained with liquor during the Avurudu function. He added that if there is an outbreak of Covid in Nuwara Eliya due to the fact that the Mayor had acted without any responsibility violating health recommendations, the ultimate responsibility will come on to the Government.

Governor Gamage said that he had informed the Mayor via phone calls on several occasions regarding these issues. He added that if it were revealed that the same actions had worsened the COVID situation in the country, action would be taken against those responsible in the near future.


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