Lunugamvehera people seek drinking water

About 1,500 families in and around Lunugamvehera lack drinking water, Lunugamvehera Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Rashika Dinesh said.

The residents of 8,9 and19 colonies are undergoing a severe drinking water shortage now, he said.

The Water Supply Board has supplied pipe borne water but as there is no enough pressure in the pipelines, the residents do not get water.

The Chairman, therefore, asked the Hambantota District Coordination Committee to supply water from bowsers.

He said that enough bowsers are not avaiable to supply water and the residents cannot afford to pay for the Water Board.

Hambantota District Secretary W.H.Karunaratne urged the Water Supply Board and the Hambantota Disaster Management Centre to resolve the issue soon.

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