Ampara paddy farmers prepare over 120,000 acres for Yala season

District Secretary D.M.L. Bandaranayake along with other officials at the discussion.

About 120,000 acres will be cultivated with paddy in the Ampara District during the 2121 Yala season including 24,010 acres in the Galoya Right Bank Channel areas on March 20.

District Secretary D.M.L. Bandaranayake held a discussion in this regard at the Akkaraipattu Divisional Secretariat on Tuesday.

Reguional Irrigation Director Sujitha Gamnage, Deputy Agrculture Director M.F.A.Saneer, Gal Oya Right Bank Reisdential Manager S.L.A, Ansar, Irrigatiion Engineer T.Vivek Chandran, Divisional Secretaries M.A.S.M.Razaan and M.A.C.Nazeer participated.

District Secretary Bandaranayake thanked farmers for their valuable contribution. He added that the Senenayke Samudra contains 416,800-acre feet of water and asked farmers to commence their work on time and use water sparingly without wasting.

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