Over 20,800 arrested in 14 day Police operation

Police arrested 20,802 suspects over various crimes including possession of narcotics, firearms and explosives during an islandwide raid conducted from 6 am on June 6 to mid-night on June 20, the Police Media Division said.

Accordingly, 3,551 suspects were arrested with 5 kgs 472g and 941mg of heroin, 2,609 suspects were arrested with 217kg, 474g and 883mg of cannabis and 260 suspects were arrested with 758 grams and 938mg of Ice drugs. Meanwhile, 52 suspects have been arrested over possession of weapons and firearms. Among the weapons seized are pistol, 18, 12-bore firearms, 18 repeaters, 24 locally made weapons and 3 swords, 5 other weapons and 36 live ammunition.

Police said six suspects were arrested over the possession of 367g of explosives, 23 detonators and 7 hand grenades.

Another 5,574 suspects were arrested by the police during this period for engaging in the distilling of illicit liquor and 179,000 litres of illicit brew were taken into custody.

In addition, the police had also arrested 5,110 suspects who were had arrest warrants issued against them while another 8,750 suspects were arrested over various other crimes, the Police Media Division said.

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