Visually impaired pledge support to Sajith

Members of the visually impaired community pledged support to NDF Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa at a media briefing yesterday. Former UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake is also present. Picture by Roshan Pitipana

Several organisations representing the visually impaired pledged to support National Democratic Front (NDF) Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa at the upcoming Presidential Election.

The organisations were gathered at the NDF election operations centre in Vauxhall Street yesterday. The Matara Visually impaired Youth Collective, the Visually Impaired Youth Committee and members from Nayanalokagama declared their support for Sajith Premadasa.

Former UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake also speaking at the press briefing said that the visually impaired had requested a three percent quota in employment, equal space in distribution of houses and other resources, and to live without discrimination in society.

NDF Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa has clearly mentioned reasonable solutions and consent for some of the requirements in his manifesto.

“The Rajapaksas are trying to regain the power they lost and are working for family benefit. Sajith Premadasa takes efforts to empower ordinary citizens and therefore Sajith Premadsa will receive the support of every sector in the upcoming Presidential Election,” he said.

Nilmini Samaraweera, a member of the Sri Lanka Visually Impaired People’s Congress, also speaking at the press briefing said that Sajith Premadasa is a strong leader who takes decisions solely focusing on the citizens.

“Even though some criticise him for addressing basic women’s issues, he was the only leader to take these issues into consideration. The late Ranasinghe Premadasa was a citizen friendly leader and I still live in the house given by him. The son of Ranasinghe Premadasa will definitely follow in the footsteps of his father and therefore we can guarantee our future,” she said.

Nuwantha Sudesh , a member of the Visually Impaired Committee, said they decided to back Sajith after following the manifesto presented by the NDF. “We forwarded some issues the visually impaired have to undergo and Sajith Premadasa said that necessary measures will be taken to overcome the issues as soon as possible. Therefore, over 75 percent of the visually impaired have decided to back him. He also said the bonus of Rs. 3,000 for the visually impaired was converted to Rs. 5,000 under the Good Governance government.

A member of the Visually Impaired Committee Rasika De Silva also speaking said that a proposal was made by him on housing schemes and Sajith Premadasa accepted without reluctance.

He also proposed that the visually impaired must be provided with houses in a proportionate manner which will entirely eradicate the housing problem in the near future.

A member, W. Sigera also said that equal opportunities and recognition should be given to all the disabled and such a future can be promised under the NDF Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa.

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