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Dr. Gamini C. Wijesekera

A hardworking humanitarian

This appreciation is written to commemorate the 25th death anniversary of Dr. Gamini C. Wijesekera, the former General Secretary to the United National Party who died in an explosives attack made by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) about two-and-a-half decades ago.

A number of religious ceremonies were organised to commemorate his death anniversary, this year.

Dr. Gamini C. Wijesekera was born on October 8, 1940, as the eldest son of late O.H. de A. Wijesekera, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Colombo and professor at the Peradeniya University’s Department of Sanskrit, and his wife, Mable Wijesekera.

He received his primary education at Trinity College, Kandy, and later at Ananda College, Colombo. He passed out as a doctor after studying at the Peradeniya University’s Faculty of Medicine. During his studies at the university, Dr. Wijesekera became a member of Samajawadee Students’ Organisation and rendered yeoman service for the betterment of the United National Party.

He entered politics in the year 1973 through the Youth Front of the United National Party and was appointed the General Secretary its in 1994. For some time, he worked as a state doctor and child specialist.

There have been number of instances where parents have praised the efforts taken by Dr. Gamini C. Wijesekera to treat their children. The children back then, who are now youth, also praise his endeavours.

After working tirelessly as a child specialist, Dr. Wijesekera left the government service in the year 1975. However, even afterwards, he worked for the benefit of children and elders.

He was appointed to the Central Working Committee of the United National Party in 1977 and rendered yeoman service to it. In the year 1979, Dr. Wijesekera was appointed the Chairman of the Ceylon Transport Board.

He also became the Secretary of the Ministry of Highways and Transport in 1980. Furthermore, he was also the Vice-Chairman of the Sri Lanka Pharmaceutical Corporation.

Because of Dr. Wijesekera’s honest humanitarian policies, he received the opportunity to hold the post of Director in a number of state institutions, such as:

· Lanka Milk Foods

· University of Moratuwa

· Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau

· Employees’ Trust Fund

· Sri Lanka Ports Authority

· University Grants Commission

Dr. Gamini C. Wijesekera was the first President of the Maharagama Rotary Club, and he also served as the Chairman of the Maharagama Cancer Society of the Maharagama Cancer Hospital.

After entering politics, he contested the by-election for the Maharagama Seat in 1983. However, due to disagreements, Dr. Wijesekera left the United National Party in 1987 and formed the Eksath Lanka Janatha Party with Rukman Senanayake. He became the party’s General Secretary in the year 1990.

The Ekasath Lanka Janatha Party was later dissolved and Dr. Wijesekera rejoined the United National Party under the rule of President R. Premadasa.

Being a good cricketer, he served the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka as the Senior Vice-President. He was elected as a provincial councillor to the Western Province in 1993.

Dr. Gamini C. Wijesekera also won a parliamentary seat in 1994. His close associates very often talk about the immense workload he had taken on for the nation, as well as his great efforts to see them through.

Dr. Wijesekera was the husband of Daisy Wijesekera and father of Dr. Bavani Charithya Wijesekera and Dumesh Praveen Wijesekera. We also remember the great efforts of Daisy Wijesekera in aiding Dr. Gamini C. Wijesekera’s endeavours to serve the masses.

Dr. Wijesekera was a devoted husband to his wife and a loving father to his children. His daughter, Dr. Bavani Wijesekera, has followed in his footsteps and is working as a doctor at the Sri Jayawardenepura Hospital. His son, Dumesh Wijesekera, is a young businessman who has inherited his father’s honest qualities.

Dr. Gamini C. Wijesekera was guided by late Rajakeeya Panditha Rideewita Ariyawansa Thera, who rendered yeoman service to improve the Sri Bodhi Viharaya, Bodhiya Road, Udahamulla; and the late incumbent of the same temple, Ven. Udahamulle Siriwimala Thera, who helped in his religious programmes.

Dr. Gamini C. Wijesekera’s humanitarian work is remembered by many, even today. A religious ceremony organised by his wife was held on October 24 to commemorate his 25th death anniversary at their residence at Udahamulla.

May Dr. Gamini C. Wijesekera attain the Supreme Bliss of Nirvana.

Rajakeeya Panditha Shasthrapathi Adyapanapathi ven. Mediwala Seevali Thera


Daisy David

Beloved sister

It is with deep love and affection that I write this appreciation about my sister, Daisy, whose birth anniversary fell on October 28.

Daisy had many good friends, and most of them would have come to wish her for her birthday if she were still alive.

Her nieces and nephews loved her very much as she was a very caring and affectionate aunt. Daisy attended St. Peter’s Church in Madampitya from 1944 to 1984.

Daisy was also an English teacher at the Dematagoda Maha Vidyalaya, and the service she rendered to that school was tremendous. She was a loving and understanding sister. We lost our mother when we were small, and she lovingly looked after my father; sister, Ruby; brother, Isaac; as well as me. The parting was terrible, specially after her tragic death.

She was a sister beyond compare. When her golden heart stopped beating, God broke our hearts to prove that he only takes the best.

Violet Vincent


Ruby Amerasinghe

She had a generous heart

It is with much love and affection that I pay this tribute to my sister, Ruby, whose birth anniversary fell on October 31. I feel that God had pre-planned this so that anyone who missed Daisy’s birthday could have celebrated it at Ruby’s birthday.

Ruby used to prepare grand parties for her birthday, and everyone, including her nieces and nephews, enjoyed themselves very much at these events. She also loved gardening, as well as pets—especially cats.

Ruby’s home was always open to everyone. She always helped blind men or women who arrived at her doorstep by serving them cool drinks. Ruby had a very generous heart.

She was the first to be recruited to the tutorial staff of Wolvendaal Girls’ High School; and, because she had passed her exams with flying colours in Commerce, she joined Lever Bros as its Secretary. She worked there until retirement.

Ruby was a devout Methodist who always helped in church activities. My sister was a clever seamstress; she was good at knitting and smocking, and always helped her relatives and friends when they came to her for help.

After she fell ill, Ruby couldn’t do much work. But she was cheerful, and never showed that she was in pain. She always trusted in the Lord and prayed for everyone she knew. And now, her husband, Hugh, who tenderly cared for her during all that time, has also entered eternal rest.

Ruby is now free from all pain and sickness; she is resting in peace.

Deep in my heart, you will always be remembered.

Violet Vincent

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