Kandy surgeons save man’s hand mangled in grinder

A team of specialists at the Kandy Teaching Hospital headed by Dr. Amila Sasanka Ratnayake has successfully managed to transplant all four fingers of an individual who was brought to the hospital with his fingers lodged inside an industrial grinder.

Patient Mohammed Faizal (30) was transferred to Ward 22 after the surgery and is said to be recuperating well.

Hospital sources said that Faizal was brought to the Kandy Teaching Hospital on Sunday evening with his hand lodged inside a grinder. Faizal is a carpenter who makes a living by grinder work on a regular basis. The doctors said that due to minimal damage to the blood vessels and not too severe tissue damage they were able to do the surgery succesfully.

Hospital officials said that when the individual was brought to the hospital, it had been very difficult for the hospital staff to remove the grinder as four of his fingers were lodged inside. The grinder itself had to be cut in order for the fingers to be extricated before continuing with the surgery.

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