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Janhvi Kapoor, who recently made her debut on the silver screen with ‘Dhadak’, is crazy about watching films from the golden era. She wishes she could have worked with Guru Dutt and says she would love to work in a Malyalam film.

Set to begin shooting soon for her next film ‘Takht’, Janhvi revealed that she notices a major change in films today in comparison to films and the actors of the golden era.

“I feel the story telling of that era was so very different in comparison to today’s films and actors. I genuinely feel that today cinema has become more commercial. We are trapped more in commercials. The acting and the concept of the films were much more ahead of times then.”

Responding on the female centric tag to movies today, Janhvi says, “In those days films like ‘Mother India’, ‘Sita Aur Gita’, ‘Chalbaaaz’, ‘Bandhini’ and ‘Sujata’ were stories mainly on females. The character in these films also projected how a woman needs to live and survive in the society, etc. But such cinema was never tagged as female oriented unlike today’s times. If the intriguing tale represents the life of a female lead….we conveniently tag the film as women oriented.”


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