Sri Lankan citizens detained for helping illegal border crossing in Latvia

<p><img src="" alt="Featured Image"></p><p><!-- wp:html --><p>On Wednesday, May 8, five Sri Lankan citizens were detained for transporting persons crossing the country's border illegally, the State Border Guard said in a statement.</p>
<p>The Latvian Public Broadcaster, LSM, reported border guards in Augšdaugava municipality stopped a Peugeot 307 car driven by a Sri Lankan citizen, while another Sri Lankan citizen was next to him, both with valid residence permits.</p>
<p>But during the check, six people of Asian descent, without travel documents, visas, or residence permits, were also found in the car's salon,</p>
<p>Also in Augšdaugava municipality, border guards apprehended three other Sri Lankan citizens who were travelling in a Volkswagen Polo on suspicion of providing support to persons illegally crossing the border.</p>
<p>Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the Sri Lankan citizens for knowingly providing a person with the possibility to reside illegally in Latvia in an organized group. The penalty may include a term of imprisonment of between two and eight years.</p><!-- /wp:html --></p><p>[Category: <a href="" rel="category tag">Uncategorized</a>]</p><p><strong>Tags:</strong> </p>

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