Overseas travel ban imposed on unseated MP Diana Gamage

<p><img src="" alt="Featured Image"></p><p><!-- wp:html --><p>Colombo Chief Magistrate Thilina Gamage yesterday imposed an overseas travel ban on former State Minister of Tourism Diana Gamage.Chief Magistrate Gamage issued the order after considering a request made by the lawyers appearing for the person who had filed a case aganst her on the basis of her British citizenship.</p>
<p>The Chief Magistrate also instructed that the copies of the order to be forwarded to the office of the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.</p>
<p>The move follows the Supreme Court's decision on Wednesday that Diana is not eligible to be an MP.</p>
<p>A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court delivered the verdict after taking up for consideration the writ petition that had challenged Diana Gamage's citizenship and her eligibility to hold a Parliamentary seat.</p>
<p>The writ petition was filed by civil activist Oshala Herath, who sought a ruling that Diana Gamage was unqualified to serve as a Member of the Sri Lankan Parliament due to her British citizenship.Following the Supreme Court's decision, the SJB announced that former MP Mujibur Rahuman will be nominated from the party's National List to replace Gamage in Parliament.</p>
<p>The SJB is entitled to nominate a candidate to fill the vacancy in Parliament as Diana Gamage had entered the Parliament via the SJB's National List.</p>
<p>Meanwhile, the Secretary General of Parliament yesterday informed the chairman of the National Election Commission that a Parliamentary seat has become vacant as of May 08 due to the cancellation of the Parliamentary seat of Diana Gamage.</p><!-- /wp:html --></p><p>[Category: <a href="https://feed.lankaimage.com/category/uncategorized/" rel="category tag">Uncategorized</a>]</p><p><strong>Tags:</strong> </p>

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